Is there a discount if I order large quantities of pasta or sauces in advance?

Yes. Email us to discuss trade deals. We can also make any pasta shape or filling you want us to with enough warning.

Do you offer a national delivery service?

We can offer it on selected items. Please email us or WhatsApp us to arrange a delivery.

Do you have products that are gluten-free or vegan?

All known allergens are listed on the website and, where possible, on product labels, but if you have very sensitive reactions to an allergen please do contact us before purchasing any goods at ciao@ombrabar.restaurant. With enough notice, where possible, we’ll happily modify individual dishes to suit dietary requirements.
Most of our pasta is eggless and suitable for vegans. We stock a gluten-free pasta that is not made on-site, so it is certified suitable for celiacs.

How long do the pasta and sauces last?

It depends on the type of pasta. Stuffed pasta should really be consumed on the same day of purchase. If that's not possible, refrigerate with the box slightly open to allow a bit of airflow around your ravioli to prevent them from going too damp. Eggless pasta will easily last in the fridge 5-7 days, but bear in mind that as the pasta dries a little further the cooking time will increase also. As with most jarred goods, the sauces should be refrigerated once opened and consumed within 3-4 days.

Is all your pasta really made on-site?


Is your tiramisu really the best in the UK?


Have I overcooked my pasta?


Can I put cream in my carbonara?


Delivery & Returns information

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