Auroso' Chocolate


In each bar and bon bon, a rich ganache filling is covered in smooth 90% RaiseTrade Madagascar chocolate.

COFFEE, MACADAMIA Handmade ganache of a very special Guatemalan coffee El Limon sourced and roasted by Has Bean, blended with lightly toasted and stone-milled macadamias;

PISTACHIO, ORANGE, CARDAMOM - Handmade ganache of lightly toasted and stone-milled pistachios blended with Spanish orange infused Arbequina olive oil and aromatic cardamom;

HAZELNUT, TRUFFLE - Handmade ganache of lightly toasted and stone-milled hazelnuts blended with black truffle oil from Istria, Croatia;

RASPBERRY, FIG LEAF - Handmade ganache of fresh raspberries (freeze-dried at their ripest to capture their intensity) blended with creamy coconut butter and fig leaf.