Sunday Easter Veggie Menu (for 2 People)


Following last year Easter's menu popularity our Asparagus & Peas Lasagna is back alongside a couple of starters and some traditional Colomba to finish

An omivore version of the menu is available HERE.


  • Spring Veg "Vignarola"
  • Artichoke "alla Romana"
  • Winter Tomato, Sheep Ricotta & Wild Garlic
  • Asparagus & Peas Lasagna
  • Colomba 

As usual we offer two different sizes of Lasagna - Family size (1.8kg) and Pocket size (750gr)

The Colomba will be half of the full cake, you can order them whole via HERE.

 Want to add a Pastiera Napoletana to your menu? Be my guest.


please note that if you select the shipping option (ie. anything outside local delivery) - the cutoff is tuesday 30th march at midnight.