Tagliolini with Black Winter Truffle


Egg Tagliolini,  salted butter  & truffle enough for 2 people.

All you have to do is gently gently melt a generous amount (leave to you to decide how generous) with a couple of spoon of water. In the meantime bring a pot of salted water up to boil, drop your pasta in, give it a gentle stir to prevent it from sticking to it self. 

Please note that tagliolini being so tin they will take less than a minute to cook. drain your pasta and reserve some of the cooking water, drop your pasta in the pan with the butter emulsion and emulsify the two together, feel free to grate some truffle whiles still in the pan as the heat should gently bring up the truffle aroma.

Plate up, put a drizzle of the best olive oil you have on hand and grate or shave some more truffle on top. 

You will receive circa 30g of black truffle as part of this kit, but if you want to go all out and maybe have some more on your scrambled eggs in the morning, order more by clicking here.