Wine Box selected by Jimmy Toffola of Kiffe my wines

AMICI MIEI wine box #2
Wine is always better when shared, so as the silly season draws closer, we've decided to present a unique, weekly changing selection of wines. And whilst we do love our wines here, there are individuals who are much more well placed to choose them.
Each selection will be made by a wine importing friend of Ombra with the only catch that their own portfolio is off-limits - they can only select wines imported by one of their counterparts. Each week we will make a new selection available.
This makes an ideal gift for yourself, perhaps even a friend, with nationwide delivery via our online store available as well old school collection from Ombra.
To follow the success from last week's launch, this week it's the turn of Jimmy Toffola of Kiffe My Wines to select 4 bottles from Les Caves De Pyrenne, Passione Vino, Tutto Wines & Gergovie Wines and the following is what he came up with.
Please note that as this is a special collection of wines that we don't normally stock, quantities are limited.
  • Quarticello, Neromaestri 2018
  • Barranco Oscuro, Salvaje Blanco 2017
  • A vita, Rosato 2018
  • Domaine du Pech, Totem rouge 2004